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27 minutes ago, kelownabomberfan said:

Glad that Nickolage scored there but his laziness coming back nearly cost us the game 15 seconds prior to his goal.  Just coasting back leaving Petry all alone and forcing Helle to make a circus save to salvage the point.  I don't know who told KConn and Ehlers that they don't have to play defense this year but they need to start playing like this is the NHL and not Friday night beer league when it comes to a two-way game.

His post game interview indicating he hasn’t been playing well would suggest he might be aware of some of these defensive lapses.

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Also - watching that goal by Ehlers, good thing that he scored instead of hitting Price and having a big rebound, as Montreal would have been off on a 2-0 the other way.  Not sure why both Dubois and Connor went to the net - one guy should hang back at least a little bit in that situation, no?  Anyway, I know I'm nit-picking here.  3 on 3 is fun hockey, that's for sure.  No team seems to really play very smart, especially if you have 3 forwards out there. LOL

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