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TSN1290 - Shutting Down

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3 hours ago, FrostyWinnipeg said:

Guys we are not banned from talking about Kodi ;)

Is it? TSN Vancouver gone but they still have Sportsnet Vancouver. TSN Hamilton gone but it's beside TSN Toronto. Only Winnipeg without one.



Yes, it's dying. Look around you & see the landscape. How many reporters now cover the Bombers as compared to 30 years ago? Fifty years ago? How is local coverage of sports like the Blue Bombers other than the Jets stack up to that time period back then? Even a decade ago? In Calgary, we now have one beat writer who covers the Stamps for 2 daily newspapers. The Herald & Sun. There isn't even competition between papers anymore as the same stories appear in the Herald & Sun.

I remember a time (circa 1969) when both the Free Press & Tribune had marquis coverage of the Bombers with outstanding writers like Don Blanchard of the Freep & Jack Matheson of the Trib covering the team. You'd want to read both papers to see what they wrote. Especially after a bad loss or when some big story on the team broke. They were MUST READS! CKY radio had Tom McCullough. CJAY TV had Jack Wells & Stew MacPherson covering the Bombers. CJOB had Ken Nicholson. CBC had Bob Picken, Don Wittman & Ernie Nairn on both radio & television. CKRC had a sports guy covering the team but I don't remember who he was. 

Then you had columnists in both dailies like Hal Sigurdson, Ed Deardon, Reyn Davis, Elman Guttormson with the Free Press & John Robertson with the Tribune who covered the Bombers as well. There were others but I honestly can't remember their names especially with the Tribune. Let's just say that at every Bomber game a minimum of 3 or 4 sportswriters each from both papers covered the team in the 60's & 70's along with sportscasters from Winnipeg radio & tv stations.

You had national sportswriters like Jim Coleman, Jim Proudfoot & Scott Young covering the CFL as well as the NHL nationally, Sportscasts that used to be 11 minutes long in the evening on tv back then are 5 minutes now. Local Sports Departments for print media, radio & tv have been gutted.  Local community sports barely gets mentioned. 

Rodgers, Bell & the Internet have all contributed to the death spiral of sports coverage locally in this country. 

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I have to say, I left TSN1290 long ago. This past year, I've barely listened. I liked Hustler but that morning show has been horrible for years.  But, to treat your staff that way? Embarrassing. 

This just sucks. I like that station. Also **** Bell. Got millions in Covid $ from the feds and now they're laying people off. Shitty company.

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