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one of my favourite lines today....  

Stay tuned.                                     

Imagine being on the Secret Service detail that will have to protect him going forward?  What is currently a terrible job, working for someone who doesn't care about you and actively puts you in

30 minutes ago, bustamente said:

Poster idiot for the typical Trump voter

Cut off sleeves, with his creed written all over it

Beer Gut, which makes him a catch

Camo shorts, cause they are all wanna be soldiers

Loud and Boorish, makes everyone afraid

All that was missing was a pair of crocs 

Survivor reject.....

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42 minutes ago, GCJenks said:

Relieved that this process has been mostly peaceful. Glad to admit I was wrong on the rioting, hoping I stay wrong the entire week. 

same here. maybe arresting the morons that wantdto kidnap the wisconsin  governor slowed a few people down.

gee I wonder if Trump berating the governor after that helped him there.


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Wow, I had no idea they were still able to suppress the vote this harshly in Florida.



For instance, one state that had pundits on edge was Florida. Many wondered whether it might go into Biden's column, given the direction of preelection polling. Ultimately, Trump won the state by a wafer-thin margin. His victory, though, was helped by the fact that many people didn't have access to the ballot box.
After 65% of Floridians voted in 2018 to restore voting rights to former felons, the state's "Republican-led legislature and governor then decided to overrule the will of the voters by creating new obstacles for former felons to vote, especially paying fees and fines," Julio Capó Jr. and Melba V. Pearson wrote on Tuesday for The Washington Post, calling this move "a 21st-century version of Jim Crow." "In many ways, it amounts to a poll tax by a new name. Some estimates indicated 1.4 million Floridians would have received their right to vote back. But as a result of the legislature's actions, only about 300,000 of them were eligible to register to vote."


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