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3 minutes ago, do or die said:

Taking the plunge....

Biden      320-340 electoral votes.  President elect.
House     Dems pick up 10-12 seats
Senate     Dems pick up 5

Good prediction. 


I like Biden at 350. 

House Dems 8 to 10 more seats

Senate Dems pick up 5

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one of my favourite lines today....  

Stay tuned.                                     

Imagine being on the Secret Service detail that will have to protect him going forward?  What is currently a terrible job, working for someone who doesn't care about you and actively puts you in

11 minutes ago, Super Duper Negatron said:

The way the electoral college is setup, Trump is almost perfectly positioned to break everyone's hearts again.

It will have to be done through the courts. It's clear that Biden will win PA in votes and he will carry WI and MN. 

Trump's only path back to the White House is through the Supreme Court, tossing aside hundreds of thousands of votes. 

But, I think that there are too many states in play. I think the sheer overwhelming number of Electoral College votes that Biden will earn tonight will make it very clear that Trump intends to steal the election. That's why I predict a lot of violence. People will be out protesting the voter suppression and Trump's militia armies will be terrorizing them with the help of the police. 

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Wall Street, like most of America, is bracing for an election cliffhanger. But Goldman Sachs is telling clients that the world may know Tuesday night which party will control both the White House and the Senate. 
The investment bank pointed to Joe Biden's narrow polling leads in Arizona, Florida, Georgia and North Carolina. A Biden win in any of these Sun Belt battleground states would make President Donald Trump's path to reach 270 electoral votes very difficult -- and unlike some Rust Belt states, these four have already begun counting the surge of mail-in ballots.
... if Biden wins any of those Sun Belt states, the market may have enough information to conclude that the Democrat will ultimately become the next president. 

Goldman Sachs: There's a good chance the election outcome will be clear tonight https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/03/investing/goldman-sachs-wall-street-2020-election/index.html


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