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55 minutes ago, the watcher said:

I think the Feds did a good job of getting money out there and in a timely fashion. They did a terrible job on procurement. A huge mistake by getting in bed with the Chinese to jointly make one. Why deal with a country that was already upset with us ? The whole deal was bungled and it appears that China was just mining for technology. Then they switched to straight purchasing vaccines . But they were slow to do that. 

As far as blaming previous Govs for a lack of facility's  the UK had no production facilities when Covid hit.  They developed a vaccine and built a production facility. The UK is at about  %55 vaccination rate. Theres no reason we with a far more stable political situation shouldn't be.


The Feds assumed that our "partners" would act as partners and not try to horde as much vaccine as possible. Bad idea, when dealing with the US. Both the US and the UK made it illegal to export the vaccines and the supplies required. But, of course, the UK has imported a ton of vaccines from the EU. 


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This will be the first year that I will be unable to spend the winter in Costa Rica due to COVID. All the other winters I didn't go because I couldn't afford to.

Any further posts from confirmed conspiracy sources will be removed. 

20 hours ago, the watcher said:

Interesting that it was reported recently that a independent study found  that Manitoba had one of the best vaccine rollouts in Canada. It was reported in several news outlets. Bartley Kives questioning at the press conferences  borders on ignorant and belligerent.  And repeatedly when called on for his turn there is dead air which has happened enough that I suspect he walks away from his computer and isn't there when called upon. One of the worst reporter's in Winnipeg in my opinion.

Totally agree. Kives is the Rush Limbaugh of the political left in Manitoba. You just can't believe anything he writes because of his bias. 

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12 hours ago, 17to85 said:

you know what, the restrictions for restaurants will help. It is crazy how busy those places have become and none of the staff care about households (and I don't blame them, they don't need to deal with that crap) 


I feel bad for business owners who keep getting jerked around but people have proven time and time again in the past year that they can't be trusted to do the right thing. 

There's two things that have me disheartened..... 1) They left patios open. Hinshaw has been saying for weeks that the variants transmit very easily even outdoors, and when you get idiot drunks on a patio with no masks on, it's still dangerous. 2) Already seeing a LOT of restaurants refusing to abide the rules and saying they're going to stay open no matter what. Up here in Rural BamaBerta, a group of local restaurants, led by our favourite Pub, is banding together to publicly flout the rules and stay open. 

Seeing AHS finally shut down the church gives me hope that maybe they'll start actually using their power to shut down those who refuse to abide by the rules. Because the only way we get through the next couple months (until mass vaccinations start) is with everyone pulling together....

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Just now, blue_gold_84 said:

That and his disgusting rhetoric was in a category all its own. 

I'm no Kives fan but to compare him an to oxygen thief like Limbaugh is simply absurd.

It's always the same with conservatives. They assume that their disgusting media are mirrored on the left, so it justifies them comparing what Tucker, Rush, Dobbs, and Hannity do with actual journalists. 

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7 minutes ago, Wideleft said:

Al Franken wrote extensively about him. 

 John Cusack is Rush Limbaugh in a big fat movie! - Tars ...

Unless it includes prominent conservative figures from the 80's, impotence, scat, water play and genital infestation... it missed the mark.... 😅


Rush deserves nothing less than being savaged with repulsive imagery.

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there's no question the 3rd wave is coming for you guys....and it's gonna be bad. They're already into a triage situation in Ontario, and I'm certain Alberta will be by the end of the month. The second any of you are eligible, book your shot. In the meantime, stay home and stay safe, folks. I'm booked in to get my first dose on the 24th and I can't f***ing wait.... bring on the passports.

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47 minutes ago, rebusrankin said:

What's the lowest age eligibility right now in Alberta? Manitoba just dropped to 62 so I have a ways to go (turned 44 in January).

I am not sure what the general eligibility age is right now, but for anyone with "underlying conditions" (for which I fortunately/unfortunately qualify) it's now 16+.... 

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