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2 hours ago, Wideleft said:

Not sure how the definitions apply in Manitoba, but there are lots of stories in the States about long-haulers who are technically considered "recovered". 

I believe that means they are either no longer considered to be contagious or they have been released from the hospital if treatment was required.

Many of them are still too sick to work.

Yes, of course, I didn't mean to suggest that everyone who had been infected was better. That was poor phrasing on my part. I meant that it was good that fewer people were contagious to spread the virus and overall the communities that were in grave danger are getting better. We don't understand the long term health affects of this virus yet and some indications are that they may be severe. 

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Any further posts from confirmed conspiracy sources will be removed. 

Anti-vax posts have been removed - start an anti - vax thread if need be - but keep them out of the COVID 19 thread. Rants have also been removed. This has been a valuable thread that is nee

Defiance of science. 
And now we can see that Trump is deliberately subjecting his loyal subjects, at his rallies, to the very likely potential of catching the Virus in order to achieve herd immunity. This would appear to be calculated. He’s willing to sacrifice them to test an unproven theory. There is no proof this will work with Covid-19 and yet, he’s willing to give it a go. This explains why the Republicult dictionary is missing one word...morality.

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2 hours ago, FrostyWinnipeg said:

Went for a test today, Definitely a tickler of the nasal passage.

Thought i saw Noellers car. AB plates with WBB stickers plastered all over it.

Chevy Malibu? Wife's car... My truck stayed at home to save on gas. 

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1 hour ago, Noeller said:

Hmmmm. Not sure. We were at Pancake House on McGillvary, then Jets Store at MTSP, then The Forks, then into Fort Garry area... Off Pembina. But could be! 2018 Malibu with Bombers sticker is us.... 

This was just east of St. Annes Rd this aft. So apparently not you :)

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Little bit of morbid numbers.
According to https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/, the US passed 200,000 dead.
I've got a spreadsheet going back to Aug 25. At that time US showed 181,485 dead to Canada's 9,086 dead. I was curious if Canada would reach 10K dead (gain of under 1K) before the US hit 200K (gain of just less than 20K).

Well folks, it isn't even close. Since Aug 25, the US has had 18,712 deaths compared to Canada's 102. US has just under 9 times the population of Canada.


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