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Bombers bringing back Willie Jefferson

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On 2020-03-14 at 5:26 AM, brett_c_b said:

In my line of work if I take over a job from someone, I stick with what they were doing until I have a good understanding of it, then I change things to suit my style or where I think there's room for improvement. Sometimes it stays similiar, sometimes everything changes.  That's what I expect from Buck, he should already understand the system and what he feels works and doesn't work, so I expect him to change things to suit his style.  His style as a QB was never to cowardly check down every play, I suspect that won't be his style as an OC.   It really comes down to what Buck thinks will improve the offense. If he thinks more aggressive playcalling will do that, then I expect that's what we'll see.


While I don't like Lapo as a coach because I don't like his playcalling, I do respect his playbook and knowledge. He designs some very nice plays. So I hope we keep a lot of the playbook, and just utilize it different in how we call the game.  

That is the most likely scenario imo as well.

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