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Lapolice to be name Ottawa’s new HC

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not neccessariy...I just tend to not post negative things on certain individuals..as I wouldn't appreciate that being bantered about..I do say things that aren't all rosey at times, but don't feel the

I’m not a big LaPolice guy as far as our OC spot goes but to say he wasn’t responsible on some level for our running success is up there with the dumbest stuff ever written on this forum.  

LaPo came under harsh criticism here by me & others on a daily basis but this playoff season when it counted he guided our offense brilliantly. He was a huge reason why we won the Grey Cup. As I c

1 minute ago, JCon said:

Congratulations Lapo! Underrated around here but a huge contributer to our longterm success. I know he wasn't happy about not being able to interview in Saskatchewan last year but I think we saved you. 

Ottawa is a good fit. 

Nobody deserves a double dip of Regina stink

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