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The RIP 2019 Thread

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I just found out about Kaye Ballard's passing from an animator I follow on facebook, he just posted a picture so I'll post a link from playbill


that's the second muppet show guest star this month, and she too was on broadway.....The death list website had listed 4 muppet show guest stars.....two have passed and neither ballard or channing were not on it

and for those that are older than me, she was also in the Jodie Foster Freaky Friday



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On 2019-02-04 at 9:22 AM, The Unknown Poster said:

Ive been watching Y&R for almost 30 years.  Tough one.  He had struggled recently.

Started catching it early 90's hard to believe he was mid 20's then. Also thought he was in his 30s. Maybe Drucilla aged him :D

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