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Bombers get no respect...

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So here are some interesting numbers over the each teams last 5 games comparing us vs Sask.

Wpg vs Calgary 29-21 off a bye week and controlled 3/4 of the game.

Wpg vs Sask 31-0 dominated, period

Wpg vs Ottawa 40-32 dominated, but almost let it get away.

Wpg vs Edmonton 30-3 dominated.

Wpg vs Montreal 31-14 dominated.

We outscored our opponents 161- 70

Now the inbreeders...

Sask vs BC 35-16 defense dominated by Sask

Sask vs Calgary 29-24 held on to win

Sask vs Wpg blown out 0-31

Sask vs Edm 19-12 slugfest and managed to squeak out a win.

Sask vs Montreal 34-29 barely beat one of the weakest teams in the league.

Sask has outscore their opponents 117-112.


Every team Sask has beat, we have beat better or worse! We are destroying teams they barely beat.

I'm so sick of TSN and the CFL websites talking about how good Sask is... They really do have a horseshoe up their arses, that's for sure. Even the 2 times they beat us, 1 play our way and the outcomes are different.

I'm truly not scared of these Hillbillies!

I'll be cheering for Calgary this weekend so we through Mosiac for the semi and shut their faces once and for all!

TSN will probably still have the Riders higher on the power rankings after we beat their a**es in the playoffs!


We have seen that any team can beat anyone else this year, but here are my power rankings based on recent play and momentum:

Wpg 5-0 Multi-dimensional offense, lights out defense, we can lay the beatdown on anyone in the league.

Ottawa 3-2 ( Great Offense, very capable defense, Officiating always goes their way. Case in point last time we played them).

Sask 4-1 ( Dominant D, horrible offense, horseshoes up their a$$es and the refs never call penalties on them except for make up Bull$hit meaningless ones to even out the game ).

Bc 3-2 ( Normally potent Offense and tough D, I think had an off game against Sask. Will play with anyone in the league when they are "on").

Hamilton 2-3 (have potential to be contender but really missing speedy B and defense is Meh at best).

Calgary 2-3 (last 2 wins were against Toronto and Montreal...Nuff said).


Playoffs will be


Wpg @ Sask Winnipeg wins

Bc @ Hamilton Bc wins


Wpg @ Calgary Wpg wins

BC at Ottawa Ottawa wins

Grey Cup

Wpg VS Ottawa- Damn straight Wpg wins!!!!


Whoot Whoot Go BLUE!







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I saw the bit** fest over at RF.com about the power rankings and the Riders not being first or second. Someone needs to tell them they dont base power ranking on wins and losses....those are called the standings. Power rankings is how the team does from week to week in every aspect (offence, defence, ST) as well as wins and losses and who they played. They take a lot into account when making those. 

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He managed the first half,  but that wasn’t working. So he changed in the second half,  finally started connecting on the long tosses,  and became a game changer an won the game!  Just in time for playoffs we hope.

what part is wrong Atomic ?......cause it's pretty much how I seen the game unfold

Edited by NorthernSkunk
To ask Atomic a question.

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