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I love popeye's .My best related Popeye's story. Go into a popeyes in mlps, order a combo with all white meat. Black cook in the back yells out, "What, you dont like dark  meat?" And jokingly sta

Snopes - uses us to check their facts. 

As far as new places in town go, One Great City Brewing near Polo Park is a great, fresh spot.   ONLY local brews available - excellent.  Food I had was really good; though we went for le burger week.

3 hours ago, itchy said:

Was wondering what the line up was for. I think that's to counteract the Popeye's sandwich becoming available here.

Oh good I'm not the only person thinking that, I mean at least Mary Browns hasn't done it because I think they've had THEIR chicken sandwich for years

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so earlier this week my parents finally caved and brought popeyes home, I hadn't tried the chicken from the bone before, it does kind of remind me of KFC but it has something that KFC doesn't I can't put my finger on it though


and this week they have released their chicken sandwich for Canadian consumption. The slab of chicken they use is pretty big. There is also something else of their that I have yet to try, for some reason they have macaroni and cheese on their menu. I'm not sure how good it will taste but I'm willing to try. It's not bad, but I'd rather  just stick with the chicken, oh btw Popeyes updated their website, they finally acknowledge the fact that they no longer serve the mardi gras cheesecake


so I don't know if the Chicken Sandwich is here for a limited time, but if not, I'll definitely order it again, and as for the Mac and Cheese, I would rather have KD or the Mac and Cheese that are made by TV dinners (especially Crave)

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