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The Unknown Poster

The Tech Thread

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23 hours ago, FrostyWinnipeg said:


Whats interesting here is that Panasonic was not supposed to send tv's to North America anymore but Visions has this.

Expensive but may be best TV you can buy.


I got my LG from visions.   Just bought my mom a hisense from Costco for $700 all in (taxes, warranty etc). 55” and it’s damn well the same quality as mine. Great price 

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So, I ended up getting a Note 9. Got it for "free" through my corporate plan and they doubled my monthly data. It's going to cost me a bit more per month but overall, quite a reasonable rate on a new phone. 


It's much faster and nicer than my S7 Edge. So, far, I really like it. I'm getting used to the new size. 

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10 minutes ago, The Unknown Poster said:

I asked this on a pretty active board and no one replies so either Im just a simpleton or no one really knows.

Anyone use Final Cut Pro?  Im an avid Imovie user but I want more out of my video editing software.  Ease of use?  Will i love it?  Thoughts?

Would not Premiere Elements be next step? Also like a third the price.

Not used either but throwing that thought out there.

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