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3 stars + HH banjo beatdown

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The cherry on top is the Winnipeg fans winning the loudest stadium thing too.  Face it Saskatchewan, the Bombers are a better team and Bomber fans are just better fans. 

Well friends, it was another glorious late summer day here in Manitoba, and everyone was excited for the re-match between the Saskatchewan Roughriders and our own Winnipeg Blue Bombers. And everyone w

Bombers should make sure Legget retires a Bomber and becomes a coach here.

12 minutes ago, Jpan85 said:

You could thrown Moe out a RB and he would make plays

Just a great football player. We are soo fortunate to have him. 

12 minutes ago, Floyd said:

I know exactly who those guys are ... claim still stands. 

Imo Mo is all time defense team one for the blue.  Comparing Dbs back then, to now. And the role mo plays not existing back then makes it impossible to say who was best. 

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Leggett is simply just a play maker. The MVP of our defense. Whether it's a big tackle, timely INT, forced fumble, perfect coverage, or a big ST play you just put him anywhere in our lineup and he's going to make something good happen. One if not the most underrated player in the entire league. 

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13 minutes ago, bigg jay said:

I think these guys deserve a HH for rejecting Bridge. 


hilarious.......   and why would Bridge  do that? he's an idiot.

Great pic from cfl.ca of Bond and another Bomber being unkind to Gainey.  https://www.cfl.ca/2017/09/07/cfl-ca-writers-make-week-12-picks/

Bombers have finally found some nasty tough guys for the lines. It's been a long time.

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2 hours ago, Sard said:

Right after that, Carter went and did the same thing and the same guys pushed him back too.  Felt that they should have grabbed his arms and tried to injure him for being an idiot.

Bridge is like Justin Goltz. Showboating  but hasn't done a thing in the CFL. So, he scored a TD. Big deal. These players have pea size brains to go along with huge egos. 

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Leggett ....simply the best AND how about that play designed to fake the riders out of their straps....nice and Moe worked it perfect

Denny.....just quietly goes about his business making plays and comes up with the clutch catches...I like it when the opposition goes to sleep on him.....then he bites them hard

Harris......always solid and he is to the offence what Moe is to the D... 

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Well friends, it was another glorious late summer day here in Manitoba, and everyone was excited for the re-match between the Saskatchewan Roughriders and our own Winnipeg Blue Bombers. And everyone was curious to see how the Bombers would bounce back from that defeat last week in the annual Labour day classic. And everyone wanted to see how loud the fans could be, and if they could surpass the noise last week. And we even had a moose sighting today, which held things up a bit. So we certainly had a lot of excitement even before the opening kickoff. But once the game started the two teams got down to business and traded blows before the Bombers pulled away in the second half, or just before the second half, in fact, before a packed house, who all will be seen in a magnificent panoramic photo I'm told, to preserve this moment for posterity. In any event, the Bombers came out on top to maintain their grip on the second place position in the always tough Western division.

And there were many outstanding moments and performances in this game, to be sure. You had Clarence Denmark making a couple of big catches for touchdowns, one in each end zone so all the fans could see him up close. And then there was Matt Nicholls throwing for 3 touchdowns, and scampering for 41 yards on a quarterback run, although his coach may not like him going head first into that defender rather than  slide, and we'll pretend like we didn't notice that fumble at the end. But then we had Chris Randle, getting the ball right back after that play with an interception that salted the game away, certainly Happy Honker worthy. And Andrew Harris once again stepped up, especially in the fourth quarter with some solid running. And let's not forget Justin Medlock, who despite missing one of his two field goals, continues to be automatic on those new long converts, and added three singles on huge kickoffs and that one punt, which may or may not be a Bomber record [ED NOTE: it isn't - this went 85 yards and Bob Cameron and Jon Ryan each hit a 95 harder once in their careers).

And we saw some big hits, from Brandon Alexander on Saskatchewan returner Duron Carter, and what a great effort from that linebacker Jefferson, or Jackson Jeffcoat, running down the 'Rider QB, and then missing the sack, but showing true heart and perseverance in not giving up and turning the other way with a diving show string tackle for a sack that snuffed out the last 'Rider chance to get back in the game. And I would be remiss if I did not mention Maurice Leggett, who is becoming a bit of a Happy Honker staple with another great performance today, with a pair of touchdowns including a fantastic interception over the shoulder of the Saskatchewan receiver, then fighting off tackles to take it to the house some 54 yards later in what really was the deciding moment of the game. But I'm sure Knuckles will be bringing up his name when we discuss the player of the game later so I will leave him off my list here.

No, this is not the player of the game award but the Happy Honker award, who as you know, is not meant for the player of the game, but that unsung hero, that player or person who did that something a little extra special in the game. Well, we saw something special in the second quarter of today's contest. With the score tied at 7 and the Roughriders taking momentum after a long touchdown catch, the Bombers were looking to answer back. And it came in a most surprising way, so much so that the cameras and the Roughriders apparently as well did not see it. On a punt return, the ball bounced over to the far sideline near the Saskatchewan bench, but returner Kevin Fogg instead ran to the opposite side of the field to catch a punt that wasn't coming his way. For good measure, the Bomber blockers all pointed to Kevin and ran his way, with one exception. And while all the Saskatchewan players followed suit, Maurice Leggett, who I already mentioned before, ran down the ball before it went out of bounds, and after dodging one tackler who figured out the ruse a little too late, had nothing but daylight and a convoy of blockers to escort him 97 yards to the end zone for a big punt return touchdown, and a token effort at a tackle from the Saskatchewan punter did nothing to keep him from getting across that goal line . And we heard Mr. Leggett say afterwards that it wasn't planned and just a shanked punt, and head coach Mike O'Shea wouldn't tip his hand either way, but it was clear to the old observer that this play was set up by the coaching staff, and executed brilliantly, so  this week's Happy Honker award goes to special teams coach Paul Boudreau, who drew up this play, and also coached and great punt cover game that kept the 'Riders pinned deep all day, and recovered both a short onside punt and onside kick which led to Bomber points, so in honour of the special teams play today, the happy honker award goes to special teams coach Paul Boudreau. Way to go, Paul! Let's hear it for him! 

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3 Stars:

  1. Leggett - Most obvious choice by a country mile.
  2. Santos-Knox - They tried to pick on him. He refused to be picked on.
  3. Denmark - TD's and great routes.

The Happy Honker goes to a player who does something special, no necessarily the best player... The guy in the stands who rejected Bridge when he tried to do the Bomber jump.

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I loved the fans' reaction to the Rider guy that was faking an injury right before the half to buy the Rider defence time, and Dunigan was having none of Gord Miller's BS and actually said "he's just limping to put on a show".  A few times Dunigan stood up for Winnipeg against Miller's nonsense and so I give the HH to Matt Dunigan.  Just to be different.

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3 hours ago, Bubba Zanetti said:

No doubt Hill was a beast but lets not forget how great Less Browne was. In his 3 years with the Bombers he had 27 freakin' picks!

Don't know if you're aware but Rod Hill had 8 blocked punts as  well as 47 interceptions as a Blue Bomber in just the 5 season he played from 1988-92. Including his 5 interception game in 1990. Browne was outstanding  & the two together as our corners were the best all time  but Hill was in a strata all his own. 

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