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1 hour ago, SpeedFlex27 said:

To me, the wrong guy is running for a second term as President. As a Presidential candidate, Mike Pence would probably have garnered more of the undecided Republican voters & more conservative Democratic voters who don't like the direction their party is going rather than the abomination running for President now. The Republicans had a chance to dump Trump but now for them it's too late. 

He lies just as much as Trump, shows his hypocrisies just as much as Trump, but does it just more calmly than Trump's bluster.

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Problem is that after  Biden wins, the fascist Republican Party is still there, and so are the millions of racists that are its source of power.

The Democrats need to extinguish the Republicans for years to come. 

Look at Canada’s experience the last four or so years. U.S. constantly Shitting on us.

Not going to be easy to regain trust world wide after the Trump /Republican fiasco. Threatening to ignore election results. 

Who knows, another, Smarter Trump  could be their next candidate. They’ve got q annon types that are going to be senators.










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Meh, let Murica's COVID-infested MAGAts dump on us - and whatever other country that has better standing in the international community and quality of life for its citizens. If ignorant deflection and shitting on others make them feel better about their dumpster fire of a nation, let 'em fill their boots with that hilarious delusion.

I think regardless of who wins the election next month, the road ahead for the USA is going to be a turbulent one. I just hope, for the sake of the world, it's the road that slopes upward and not the opposite direction.

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...American extremist ideology is on the rise — spurred in part, Michigan AG Dana Nessel [sic] says, by President Trump.

Early reports of the thwarted plan suggested members of two militia groups, including one called the Wolverine Watchmen, were behind the conspiracy to violently overthrow the state government, abduct Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer before next month's election and put her on trial for treason.

But in an interview with NPR, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said multiple white supremacist and anti-government groups acted "in concert based on a shared extreme ideology."

"The people that we charged are affiliated with this Wolverine Watchmen group," Nessel said, adding that it is a Michigan-based group. "But there are multiple white supremacy groups and militia groups that have been acting in accordance with one another."

Investigators found the men's mission is what white supremacist groups call "the Boogaloo," which Nessel described as an uprising or a second civil war.

"This effort to have a mass uprising nationally is something that we should be very concerned about because, again, it's not just a Michigan problem, this is an American problem."

Is this not bordering on domestic terrorism? It's highly seditious behaviour at the very least. And it's beyond unsettling.

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9 hours ago, HardCoreBlue said:

He lies just as much as Trump, shows his hypocrisies just as much as Trump, but does it just more calmly than Trump's bluster.

Politicians alll lie. A debate is just that, a debate. I just think Pence would appeal to a lot of disaffected voters. 

10 hours ago, JCon said:

He's just Trump without the yelling. He's a sick, sick, mofo who doesn't even trust himself to be in a room alone with a woman. 

He's still a better candidate than Trump. 

Don't like these merged comments. Rich, can you get rid of that function? 

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9 hours ago, SpeedFlex27 said:

No, more like Trudeau. 

Not at all.

  • Harper tried to use the power of government to discriminate against Muslims before Trump did (Barbaric Cultural Practices Hotline)
    • He refused to speak out against anti-Muslim violence before Trump had the opportunity to ignore it.
  • Harper muzzled scientists before Trump did
  • Harper government removed the word "Environment" from the Environment Canada website.  Trump admin has removed climate change references from gov websites.
  • Harper called the Kyoto Protocol a "socialist scheme" before Trump started talking that way.
  • The Harper government gutted protections for fresh water before Trump could do it.

Tell me how Trudeau is more like Trump than Harper was, because your simple assertion does not make it so.


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