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11 minutes ago, bustamente said:

From the King of the photo op and waste of tax payers money


This guy is only president because the "free" media gave him unfettered access to the airwaves without pushback. Fox pulls his pants down daily and takes turns pleasuring him. 


His entire term is one big dumpster fire and no one objectively can deny this. The US is laughing stock.


And, yet, people are still wondering if Biden might be losing his marbles (without actual evidence) because the orange turd keeps saying it. 

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A Covid relief bill has been sitting untouched in the Senate since May. 

But, Trump just said it won't be dealt with until after the election but he wants his judge in place now. 

And the market is dropping. At least the markets know that Biden will be there soon to save the day, as is the responsibility of all Democrat Presidents. Republicans ruin the economy, while getting fewer votes than Democrats and the Dems have to save them. 


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Haven't visited the good folks at The Gateway Pundit, for a while.  Today's actual headlines:

New Video Supports Our Initial Observations that BLM Is Connected to Democrats, Communists, Terrorists and China
Despite Insistence by Democrat Politicians and Medical Elites, Empirical Evidence DOES NOT Conclusively Show that Masks Reduce the Spread of COVID
Florida Extends Voter Registration After Mysterious Crash of State’s Online System on Monday|
PROOF that Tech Giants Facebook, Twitter and Google Are Using Chinese-Marxist Style Social Media Censorship on US Conservatives
Facebook Removes Trump’s Post Where He Claims Covid-19 is Less Deadly Than Flu in Certain Populations After CNN Lobbies For Censorship of President
‘Killer Cuomo’ Whose Actions Led to the Deaths of Thousands of Elderly New Yorkers During Pandemic Is Now Threatening Jews who Gather for Worship
Photos Released of Young Girls Biden was Hoping to See Dance for Him in 4 Years


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53 minutes ago, Wideleft said:

Trump must have missed the part at the end where Holt said NBC has offered to host a town hall with Trump and the offer is still open.

Never mind that even when he gets lobbed the easiest softball questions Trump still manages to totally whiff on it. It's really hilarious to see someone rage about Biden getting softballs when the guy can't even handle softballs of his own. 

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