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  1. This is an enemy site, so I expect to take some shrapnel. But your personal insults are a little over the top. But hey at least we have some players that are NFL caliber.....you not so much. Before you go proclaiming your team a contender for first next year, take a look at your own free agent list, all your top D players are free agents. Bighill will be back in BC I bet and you will lose others. Your O line all will want big raises so I doubt you can keep them all, but hey why talk football like a grown up when you can hurl insults.
  2. Jefferson might get an NFL look, but at his age he will be back. Roosevelt is going nowhere, the guy we probably lose is Sam Eguavoen. Our D will be just as strong if not stronger with another year under their belts. Yes the QB position is still a huge question mark, but IMO we give Reilly the best chance to win now as compared to Edmonton or BC. Bo is probably NFL bound. But yeah O is a concern for sure, but I'm confident we will be better.
  3. Oh, I expect the Riders will be high on most lists. Just thought it would be nice to see the lists.
  4. Good luck with that. Calgary isn't going to get weaker. The Riders will be better Tough hill to climb to get first in the west, you guys will be in a dogfight just to finish 3rd again.
  5. My list of hate: Eskimos Bombers Stampeders Lions Alouettes Argonauts Tiger-Cats Red-Blacks Give me your best (or worst)
  6. Riders will win, Carter will get a pic.
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