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  1. J5V

    Needs for next year

    I hear that attendance isn't what it has been reported to be and that's an opinion that I know has been shared by more folks than me. Also I hear there was little to no secondary revenue to speak of this year either. I guess we'll see the official numbers in April.
  2. J5V

    Needs for next year

    To break it down even more, it's 1-for-3 in Semi-Finals and 0-for-1 in Finals with 0 Grey Cup appearances in 5 full seasons. Depending on the rate of progress we should win the Cup in 10-15 years. I'll likely be long gone by then but maybe some of the youngsters will get to see it.
  3. J5V

    Needs for next year

    On a positive note, and since we're quoting stats, in playoff games this regime is 1 for 4 now instead of 0-3.
  4. J5V

    Needs for next year

    I honestly don't recall but I'll try to remember to ask next time we chat.
  5. J5V

    Needs for next year

    Well, you know what they say about stats and losers.
  6. J5V

    Needs for next year

    14. The decline of our special teams especially towards the end of the season.
  7. J5V

    Needs for next year

    Here's the thing about that. I was born and raised in Winnipeg and have life-long friends and contacts there. We talk Bombers and CFL all the time. They are a source of Bomber information that you just don't get from the majority of posters here. I've known them all my life. The posters here not so much. I tend to believe them and time generally proves them to be right. They've been following the club longer than most of you have been alive. Does that mean they're right about everything? No, but then neither are the posters here. The biggest difference is that they tend to handle objective/differing viewpoints better. It is what it is. I take it all with a grain of salt.
  8. J5V

    Needs for next year

    Aw shucks! I feel the same about you, only moreso.
  9. J5V

    Needs for next year

    A baker's dozen of Bomber issues: 1. Miller's panicked hiring of Walters and O'Shea to start this 6 year drought. Walters was a dud CIS coach with a losing record and was a terrible Special Teams coach in the CFL. MOS had no experience as a HC whatsoever. 2. Miller's financial issues: the "profit on operations" scam and the fact that he is snookered financially. He has been lying about crowd sizes in order to appeal for support and the reality is that now he can't afford to punt anyone on a deal with gas still in the tank. 3. In the past five years and up until just recently, Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa, Hamilton and Toronto have all played in the Grey Cup. 4. Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa, Hamilton, Toronto, Montreal, BC, and Saskatchewan have all won playoff games in the past 5 years. 5. O'Shea's "loyalty to a fault" program. (See Sam Hurl). 6. O'Shea's inability to hire strong assistants. 7. O'Shea's weak tactical ability after 5 years as a HC. He still doesn't know when to throw a challenge flag or gamble on 3rd down. 8. O'Shea's unwillingness to play his best players game in and game out (see #5). 9. O'Shea's 1 for 4 playoff game record. 10. O'Shea making the same stupid mistakes he made when he first got here. (see this season's 17-20 loss to B.C. after leading 17-0). 11. Walters' inability to find even a single stud receiver. (see Adarius Bowman). 12. Walters' unfixed and persistent scouting issues. 13. Walters' inability or unwillingness to be rolling players through here constantly while continuously striving to improve this team's talent level (see numbers 11 & 12).
  10. J5V

    Needs for next year

    1. A burning desire to win. No we don't have one, never have with this regime. One or the other needs to change. 2. A reality check. There are players on this team that suck yet think they play great. They don't. They suck. Wake up. 3. A massive upgrade to the scouting department, re: receivers 4. A head coach that: a) can manage a game properly b) knows when to throw a challenge flag c) is willing to play his best players
  11. J5V

    Needs for next year

    Okay, I'll bite. First, how many Derel Walker-type receivers has this regime signed in the last 6 years, because you're talking like we do it all the time. Second, even if we did sign a Derel Walker-type, what good would it do? He would never play (see Simonise, Petermann, Washington, Thompkins, etc.).
  12. Why do I feel like we'll be 10 years and more into this regime's tenure and we'll still be saying this? Waiting for other teams to suck is a fool's gambit.
  13. That one still stinks. All so the Argos could win the 100th. Really damages the integrity of the league when that sort of **** happens.
  14. That's more like it.
  15. J5V

    This Regime

    I give the stamps no credit. **** them. It was not a great game. It was a horrible game. I don't see Calgary as a good team with a great defense. **** them. They are just another opponent to beat mercilessly in any way possible. They ******* suck and I can't believe that we lost to them. **** Calgary with their lame horse, whiny coach, and douchebag players. **** Chris Matthews too. My attitude is that I can win graciously but I can't lose graciously. I simply cannot stand losing and won't accept it under any circumstances. Anything is acceptable as long as we don't lose. 28 years or 5 years of losing is the same thing and it means we are losers, through and through, and until that changes, we deserve to burn and suffer the anguish of losing because we lost. We are losers and will remain losers until we win.