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  1. We won because one Bomber player had a great game? What game were you watching?
  2. Give me a well-balanced attack like we had yesterday over the 300 yard games and 2 INTs. BC was completely off balance all game. Do you know what contributes to dropped passes? Lack of concentration on catching the ball. Do you know what contributes to a lack of concentration on catching the ball? Looking out of the corner of your eye for that big hit that's going to lay you out.
  3. As someone else noted, it's just a matter of time before he comes off the rails. I'm sure he's already thinking that HE did enough to win this game and that the reason they lost was everyone else's fault.
  4. LOL! Barkley loves Toronto, that's all. Go Blue!
  5. I'll settle for a Salisbury House cheeseburger with fried onions.
  6. Yes. Damned guy is tough as nails. He's like an anti-Collaros.
  7. Please stop saying that. Once from Black was enough. 💪
  8. I'm giving him a break since he did eat that burger.
  9. Is he ever! Did you hear him at the end of the game say "Great White Forde ..."? Yikes! I did hear him refer to "inside the twenty" as the "Red Zone" so someone must have informed him of that. Why does TSN subject us to this guy? I don't know anyone that likes him.
  10. Black calling the Red Zone the "Scoring Zone". LOL!
  11. How does he get so much work? Just endured him with the Raptors, now he's there with the CFL. Just amazes me that such a poor broadcaster can get so much work. He must have skills that we don't know about.
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