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  1. I'm thanking the Jets team for games 3 and 4. Not going to say a thing about games 1, 2, 5, and 6. I'm done with the Jets for this season. Good luck, Blues. I'm out.
  2. I guess it's about time I checked in. Been super busy with life lately. Didn't even realize the playoffs had started and here we are down 0-2. Yikes! How's everyone doing, anyway? You gotta win 4 and a 4 game streak for the Jets is not out of the question. Go Jets Go!
  3. Yeah you're right. I have a lot of experience with this issue and I definitely have a lot of compassion for people with mental health issues (all of us). One of the problems with marijuana is that there are thousands of chemicals involved. Yes some are beneficial and some are not. More research needs to be done to hopefully extract the right compounds for specific medical issues, CBDs, for example. THC, and getting high, is not a necessarily good side effect. There are far better medicines that cannabis for treating many mental health issues. It is not a cure-all.
  4. Merry Christmas to all MBBers!
  5. Are you saying O'Shea chose to play a QB with a severe knee injury over a healthy young QB with a ton of upside that needs reps to develop?
  6. Well he's not better than Ray or Lulay and there's an argument that either one would be an upgrade to Nichols behind our O-line, as might be some of the others, including Chris Streveler. Reilly, Mitchell, and Harris were found players as were Ray and Lulay. There's no reason that a player of that calibre can't be found for this football club. The real challenge would be getting O'Shea to play him!
  7. How are these two plays the same? Wilson tried to throw it out of bounds. Nichols did no such thing. He tried to make a (bone headed) play in desperation. Huge difference.
  8. If he shovel-passes another one to an opposing rusher that goes for an easy six their memories will be just fine and if O'Shea force feeds us that crap for the sake of loyalty I can't think of anything that'll turn off this fan base more (or enrage it). How long is Nichol's leash? 5 games, 10, until he "works himself out of it", until it's too late?
  9. What does that mean, "work his way out of it"? Does anyone ever really work their way out of something? In my experience all that really happens is you only make it worse. You're better off shutting it down sometimes and coming back at it fresh further down the road.
  10. What do you mean "fresh start"? Like you said about Nichols, O'Shea is likely to perform the same as he always has. My question was about how far the loyalty should go. If Nichols sucks and gets us going on another extended losing streak do we have to endure it as long as we did last year? I mean, shouldn't we have seen more of Streveler during that losing streak last year?
  11. As I anticipate the start of the 2019 season I am immediately concerned with the loyalty thing from O'Shea and the decline in Nichols game. I'm not convinced our QB has what it takes to win a championship game, especially after the dreadful showing against Calgary in the WF. But whether it's the Matt Nichols loyalty program in 2018 or the Sam Hurl loyalty program in 2017 this loyalty thing from O'Shea needs adjustment. If Matt gets off to a bad/poor start will O'Shea stick with him again and if so, for how long?
  12. I hear that attendance isn't what it has been reported to be and that's an opinion that I know has been shared by more folks than me. Also I hear there was little to no secondary revenue to speak of this year either. I guess we'll see the official numbers in April.
  13. To break it down even more, it's 1-for-3 in Semi-Finals and 0-for-1 in Finals with 0 Grey Cup appearances in 5 full seasons. Depending on the rate of progress we should win the Cup in 10-15 years. I'll likely be long gone by then but maybe some of the youngsters will get to see it.
  14. On a positive note, and since we're quoting stats, in playoff games this regime is 1 for 4 now instead of 0-3.
  15. I honestly don't recall but I'll try to remember to ask next time we chat.
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