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  2. Recommend the first few comments in this thread. Don’t see a way around this for the republicans. Trump might yet be charged.
  3. https://www.cosmopolitan.com/politics/a29514931/trump-groped-models-backstage-all-the-presidents-women-excerpts/
  4. No, this group of conservatives is not associated with the name "Torie" and they have nothing much in common with the old Progressive Conservative party. They're the Satanic offspring of Preston Manning's old Reform Party and they share many similar values and motives with the Republican Party.
  5. Today
  6. Marketing scheme set up by the original editorial.
  7. I think we can all agree that Nichols would have never made that throw....take from that what you will.
  8. So PaMo has moved Wheeler to the 2nd line and Scheif, Ehlers, Laine are 1.... Who is this t that's been whining like a baby for years about breaking up 55/26? Goalie? Whoever it was... Quitcherbitchin plz...
  9. So Jets are half way through the game and have been outshot 30 - 8 Wowza..but at least they tied it up.
  10. Lol....maybe he will. When the bombers first attained collaros I thought, ah frig, how am I supposed to defend this when those melon head friends that I have start on me about it..... plus I thought really nothing else was available ? He never even took a snap in Toronto did he ?..... and today when I read your post it made me think of it again. And now I think meh, might as well run with it if he plays. Its not like I will stop cheering for the team. I was jus havin a chuckle about it with your post, sorry if I offended.
  11. Just you wait and see. He'll make Streveler look like the2nd coming of Brian Brohm.
  12. I lean towards that too unfortunately. Let's hope Bomber management proves us wrong with the signing of Masoli or Arbuckle.
  13. Singh is playing the role of so many other NDP leaders: the backup QB/goalie of Canadian politics. Everyone always loves the NDP leader, but they never take the field. Did the People's Party cost the Conservatives any seats in close ridings? Do they still call the Conservatives "the Tories" in Canada or did that end after the PCs imploded in the nineties? man I've been away a long time.
  14. We drafted a complete bust in Ekakatie so we actually made a worse pick than Vandervoort. Saskatchewan drafted Judge behind us who looks like quite the player up to this point.
  15. Not super impressed that this person is insisting on remaining anonymous. Tons of insiders are running to Congress to testify; what's this one got to lose?
  16. sigh Kings strike first and they are out shooting us badly KConn ties it ugh 2-1 Kings and Bourque is in pain and tied again Thanks Pionk
  17. I guess if I was McGuire I would certainly consider not signing next season. Has been given a chance nor will he. Something I can’t understand....he beats out last years back up to Streveler as back up yet not enough confidence from coaches to play him when his turn comes up. Instead we look for anyone but him. Great way to develop QBs but then again not our strong point is it.
  18. Just stop feeding the troll. He orgasms every time you get annoyed.
  19. Great theory but in practice it doesn't work that way.
  20. Yesterday
  21. There are some good young qbs that will be free agents that won't er-sign with their current teams in February but we know the Bombers won't sign one which is both disappointing & frustrating. Nope, just same old, same old.
  22. That's true, it sure could have been. I think Rios would say it wasn't one of his better days.
  23. Agree with the above. Fajardo and Evans are having good years.
  24. Zach better watch out for strong wind gusts to the head. He may get concussed.
  25. I have Rogue one after Empire Strikes Back... is was that good. Solo is criminally under rated as with Revenge of the Sith.
  26. Show me a guy who doesn't hate losing & I'll show you a guy who will never win. That goes for Trudeau as well.
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