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  2. I’m not sure what you mean. Luke has a crush on Leia. She didn’t have feelings for him. She kissed him in Empire to make Han jealous.
  3. Yeah, I hated how Lucas did this with the Luke / Leia / Han love triangle.
  4. VGK scores with 47s left to tie SJS. Overtime!
  5. What a collapse by Vegas sorry, spoiler alert
  6. Yup. It wasn’t that long ago that they had the McMahon’s admit the show sucked, blame Corbin and promise to be better. Now? A few days before that happened they thought they were getting the elite. They didn’t and panicked. Now, back to same old
  7. Today
  8. Yippe fing kyay T.O is out...TSN will have to wait another year to give us 24 hours on why the Leafs are gonna win the cup!🤣
  9. watching Trouba talk in this interview made me think of this:
  10. not sure what video you are referencing? where was Scheifele's facial reaction? Drinking game - take a shot every time Wheeler says "You know".
  11. Why would i cheer for anything Toronto based?
  12. 26 years and counting, welp I guess I'm done with Hockey til September Guess we can always root for the raptors while waiting for Soccer season to start (I mean we might as well the raps advanced)
  13. Brian Little... 15 goals 41 points but played 3 weeks on the RW for some reason.. Hes a 55 point 2 center who for some dumb reason was switched to RW for weeks and did nothing. Another guy who was hurt because of coaching.
  14. Goalie


    Shocker.. Hour 2 Corbin wins triple threat. Hour 3 hes main eventing.
  15. Goalie


    The only show that consistently draws is GOT.
  16. Lol. Seriously. Out to lunch here. Another player who would benefit from a new coach who doesnt favor vets
  17. Jpan85


    Wonder how many people actually watch in different ways other than traditional tv. It would seem like their audience would be made up of a lot of cord cutters.
  18. Might be the age-old question problem...who can we get to center a line with Ehlers and Laine that works.
  19. It didn't say who would be eligible based on territory, just that the league would compile a list. I'd hope they'd make the shift from the previous rules for junior players (who are now draft eligible) to a system based on where players played minor/high school football.
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