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  2. Yes, but we're not getting anything good for Little. Only a project or equally disappointing player.
  3. Well the most over paid ATM is Little and he's NMC.
  4. Depends where you're looking. I see you're suggesting but others, on other forms of media are losing their shirts right now.
  5. To make room for what people are demanding of Chevy, we need to move out a big salary.
  6. Would the Wild let Dumba go for that? I like his game but I'm guessing so do the Wild 🙂
  7. Is this real? This can’t be real
  8. Wasn't in agreement in bringing in ZC but since we have him, rather than hat on backwards with a clip board , I'd give him a few looks in certain situations and cross my fingers he doesn't sustain a concussion.
  9. I guess we need to trade Ehlers. Good, long-term contract for someone else out there with a good, long-term contract.
  10. Didn't help with it being the Coyotes whom got the last laugh anyway.
  11. Oh for sure there have been many games with visible empty seats but i guess they were paid for.
  12. Don't know but welcome to the challenge of being a NHL General Manager. Maybe he should ring up Holland and get a few tips i.e. Lucic for Neal
  13. I don't believe that.......but I do believe this was the first time they had an ANNOUNCED attendance of less than capacity. Was bound to happen. The novelty has worn off.
  14. Salsbury was brutal...I believe he was an under 50 percent or just at 50 percent passer...and no escapability whatsoever...Crandell was prone to dumb mistakes..over and over and wasn't deemed "too intelligent" from what I know and have talked to...Burgess very pedestrian and lack luster....those three don't have skillset or intelligence that Strev has, all they have on him is experience...and that's what he is learning now.
  15. The Winnipeg Jets streak of 332 straight sellouts at Bell MTS Place is over. An announced crowd of 14,764 took in Tuesday night's game against the Arizona Coyotes, marking the first time since NHL hockey returned to Winnipeg that a full house didn't take in the action.
  16. I did a post a long while ago about attendances..with figures...and overall other than recently..and the early 2000's the avg attendance was in the mid to low 20k area...a few years were under 20k for average attendance....you seem very intrigued by me and my posts...spend some time and effort and search them out and see for your self...or are you capable of doing that...it's either here or on the other Bomber site...I am too busy with important grown up things to go back and find it for you, and don't have the time to re-hash some things that are known as fact...but have at er...pretty sure when you find it though you still won't shut yer dickhole TV ratings are hardly subjective and linked to just a team...may get more eyes on a rider game outside of that cruddy province but thats mainly due to the mass exodus of "former" Sask residents...and it's not as Rod Balck likes to yammer on about that Rider Fans travel well...those ugly green uni's in the crowd are worn by defectors
  17. That Stampeder team still had a core of experienced veterans from their 1998 championship team as well as 99 Grey Cup finalist team. Huge mistake to underestimate them the way the Bombers did. Still pisses me off thinking about that missed opportunity.
  18. Fair ball .. but I get to make commentary on how I see it and I don't give a rats ass what anyone thinks about my take
  19. Crandell was a vet who got on something like a five game hot streak, reg season & playoffs & he played lights out. So, have to give him props for playing in the moment. Salisbury was nothing special but he didn't make many mistakes & handled the pressure very well in the playoffs & Grey Cup in 88. But he had a great defense backing him up & a monster in Rod Hill making huge plays like blocking punts in the 88 East Final & Mike Grey deflecting passes on the goal line in the Grey Cup. Burgess great game manager & didn't turn the ball over much & had an even better defense behind him in 90 than he had in 88. That defense dismantled a vaunted Esks team that year piece by piece.
  20. Riders were awful in 2015, 2016, and 2017. Did their attendance and TV ratings fall? I honestly don't know, I am curious since you seem to know.
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