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  2. ...............and let them drink while they are doing the game, 4th quarter would be just crowd and game noise.😎
  3. Miller has gotten just awfulately.
  4. Have to see if it is shorts or slacks, to know for sure....
  5. Did oshea smirk when he said that?
  6. I can't help but imagine how James Brown would pronounce "Jeff Hecht".
  7. I wait to hear something said from the players before using any nicknames on a player... .like when Nichols ran off the field and was yelling for Big Chris last year....
  8. I definitely think Dickenson gets that. Khari definitely should get that, but if I were him I'd feel a hell of a lot safer if old backstabbing fake consequences man Kavis got kicked out of there first. He's proven he cannot be trusted. With BC and Claybrooks, well, there's just no telling. It'd make sense to give him that same timetable, but now that Buono is out and the Lions have a bunch of wildcards running the show now, I got no clue. I'd doubt anyone is completely safe there, but if Braley is smart, he'll realize he had better avoid making moves that could turn Vancouver into another Montreal. Only way Chamblin is safe is if he can get a win on the board before Labor Day. Betting that won't happen.
  9. On the bright side we won’t have to worry about Vancouver fighting for a playoff spot if Myers is their #1
  10. Yeah, 3 changes to the O-Line. That should work out jussst fine.
  11. They got bid up on Waggoner but should have dropped out before he cost them a first rounder.
  12. Today
  13. https://business.financialpost.com/pmn/business-pmn/china-to-stop-all-imports-of-meat-products-from-canada-on-wednesday-media-report China bad mmmmkay?
  14. Still think we didn’t need to offer first rounders in those years... if I’m a cfl gm I’d never offer more than low second or high third and gamble on the bid
  15. Gord Miller with Walby/Dunigan doing Colour would be fun...
  16. Pass. Bombers got lucky with Wolitarsky before him they had no luck at all.
  17. "Starsky and Hecht" better than "Starsky and Hurl".
  18. 1. I don't believe our current healthcare model is sustainable in the future and that a mixed private/public system like most of the rest of the world uses would be better. See Australia, New Zealand for examples. 2. The Pallister government has clearly ****** up their plan to restructure the healthcare system.
  19. Predicting staggered 7.5, 6.x, 5.x, 4.x. Course you know what will happen if he signs for that. I'll ***** about how we let him go for nothing when we could have traded him at the deadline :@
  20. Tsn needs walby desperately
  21. No PBP would wear thin awfully quick. If you didn’t have Gifford, Howard and Dandy would have imploded.
  22. Is gets so infuriating to see GMs sweat the salary cap and make giveaway trades at the draft (the Marleau-and-a-first-rounder-for-a-sixth-rounder trade being the most egregious example) to open up cap space, and then go and do stupid things like throw $7.5 million at a Tyler Myers, 7 x $7 million at Kevin Hayes, 8 x $11.5 million at Erik Karlsson, or 8 x $9 million at Jeff Skinner a week later in the great free agency arms race. No wonder an RFA like Trouba can hold out, then dictate terms and teams of a trade where the Jets get pennies on the dollar, or why a Morrissey, Laine, or Connor would opt to sign a bridge deal. GMs can't get out of their own way and control costs.
  23. Drewali - Best when the lights go on.
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