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  2. That last drive we should have picked it off 3 times...if anyone was lucky it was the riders even getting to the last play And we had a db about to jump it anyway if it didnt hit post..not to mention 2 others right there
  3. Dumba - RHD - 25 , 6' ,180lbs - 4G/16A/-8 in 58 games - 3 more years at 6M Manson - RHD - 28 , 6'3" , 224lbs - 1G/5A/-5 in 40 games - 2 more years at 4M Namestnikov - LW - 27 , 6' , 183lbs - 13G/12A/-7 in 56 games - UFA Subban - RHD - 30 , 6' , 210lbs - 6G/7A/-16 in 58 games - 2 more years at 9M Not know Namestnikov but I like the others. Manson is that big dman I love. Subban would probably be our most offensive dman but at 9 mil that just makes Dumba more affordable but not sure why MIN would dump the Dumba unless we gave them Niku. All I know looking at this list is Poolman should be worried. P.S. Arizona loss Wednesday so a win tomorrow and another AZ loss would put us back in to a Wild Card spot.
  4. So Montreal will have a need for a receiver now lol
  5. Not to mention, even if they score, that outs the game into overtime. It doesn’t mean they win.
  6. Thank you! That receiver was NOT open. Would have been picked or knocked down if the post hadn't already knocked it down. But hey, whatever helps Rider fans sleep at night.
  7. Probably too soon to speculate, but getting busted at a border in a rented vehicle with 160lbs of weed in it is a bad day.
  8. So true! The amount of people from Vancouver and Seattle here is insane.
  9. "She's going to get us. Total assassin. She's an assassin." I think that applies to Warren too...
  10. Good lord Dynamite was sensational. That tag title match was unbelievable. Kenny is on a whole different plane of existence. Cody doing a moonsault off that cage. Wow. Firing on all cylinders.
  11. Rider fans are bad everywhere. It's a gift.
  12. Also Kaanapali. Maui is the best. Too bad its so far. And expensive.
  13. polls say different when you ask them about policy.
  14. https://winnipegsun.com/sports/hockey/nhl/winnipeg-jets/trade-deadline-four-possible-fits-for-winnipeg-and-one-bold-idea/amp?__twitter_impression=true he suggest Dumba Manson Namestnikov and....Subban.
  15. Someone check Bloomberg’s pulse after this evisceration
  16. Where are you staying? We were in Kannapalli.
  17. but hey on the plus side, it's Maui. Nothing is ever really that bad there.
  18. yeah but there is no centre party in the US. There is right wing and crazy religious fundamentalist authoritarian. Bernie is actually the middle ground in the States. Republicans have been dragging things so far to the right down there it's laughable.
  19. Thry played about 3 starting QBs the whole season.
  20. I've watched the game highlts probably 10 times in the past 10 days. There were 3 dbs covering the receiver so there were no guarantees he would've even touched the ball.
  21. Exactly! Funny they rarely mention how lucky they got when Sayles missed that pick and the ball bounced perfectly into the WRs arms. Guess that was a part of their master game plan! Lmao
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