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  2. Fajardo took advantage of the short field the defense gave him with those INTs and turned them into TDs. He was very efficient. He also had at least a couple other longer drives for TDs. He did not turn the ball over. All in all, a very good game by him. Certain folks here would be praising Nichols for a game like that even if he threw for 70 less yards than Farjardo's 240....and yet it seems like Fajardo is doing it with smoke and mirrors according to some posters. Riders are clearly better than I and many others thought they would be. We will be in tough next week, even if Nichols was starting. I will be happy with the split after the back-to-back games.
  3. Mike Reilly hates football right now
  4. Did they ever say what happened to Brandon Alexander? Getting that guy back would be enormous.
  5. Well to be fair, Moncrief is a good player, but not best defensive player in the league good no. Are they still pretending that Micah Johnson is worth his big fat salary even though he's not putting up any stats?
  6. Hamilton not playing very well.....but Lions have a history of screwing it up, in the 2nd halfs
  7. Rider Nation pre-2016: who's AC Leonard? Rider Nation 2016-2017: AC Leonard is amazing! Rider Nation 2018: AC Leonard is overrated. (also the one year he got an all-star nod with OTT) Rider Nation 2019: AC Leonard is amazing!
  8. Personally, I thought it came up a bit short.
  9. Reilly just hands off. Snuff of this crap.enough
  10. 5 sacks in this half. Reilly is going to retire
  11. Lankford is playing great for them
  12. They were told Wynn at all cost. But yeah, no wonder Reilly is peed off.
  13. This is a fan base that told us that losing Jefferson was no big deal because they had AC Leonard.
  14. Two or three guys literally watching Wynn come untouched off the edge. FFS
  15. Duron Carter lazy route runner. He could be great in this league if only he focussed on playing hard every down. Can't coach that.
  16. Today
  17. I made the mistake of browsing the Riders fans page. Good grief that was painful. I learned that Cody Fajardo is the 2nd coming of Ricky Ray, Montcrief is the best player on defense in the league and that it'll be simple to stop Streveler on the run.
  18. Too many Fawlty Towers fans here,
  19. Problem is he's a beat reporter for the Lions and a known homer. It's one thing for a homer to do colour but you can't be a PBP guy on a national broadcast...
  20. I can see the headline already, " LUCK FINALLY RUNS OUT".
  21. In the sequel, he gets offered a job on a telephone helpline but instead auditions for a Bollywood musical and becomes a star.
  22. single point or ball on the three? some not so great coaching in the CFL this seaoson
  23. Farhan Lalji doing the PBP? Well, he’s no Rod Black. And that’s a good thing. We’re informed that that was the 38th sack of Reilly this year. 38! Thats just sad. 38 sad sacks..
  24. TSN is in serious need of CFL play by play announcers outside of CC.
  25. Riders could be 0 and 9 and he'd say the same thing.
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